"There is a destiny that makes us brothers:
None goes his way alone:
All that we send into the lives of others
Comes back into our own."

Edwin Markham

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Happy Birthday, Canada

My Sesquicentennial Quilt, otherwise known as Canada 150, is finished. Actually it was finished a week ago, allowing me plenty of time to show it to my kids and grandkids and to take a few pictures.

Joanne Kerton of Canuck Quilter Designs gets all the credit for the beautiful pattern and easy to follow instructions. I added fabric and sewed. The quilting is mostly stitch-in-the-ditch with some outline quilting and a few stars thrown in.

The border fabric is full of tiny white stars. They bring to mind the fact that day after day 36 million-plus Canadians work and play, laugh and cry, love each other and raise families, all under the same bright stars. Something we all have in common. We are not perfect, far from it, but then neither is my quilt.

Lulu the Sheltie is my very unwilling model in some of the pictures. You will need to look closely, though, to see the pained look on her face!

                Saturday, July 1st is Canada's 150th birthday. Happy Birthday, Canada!



  1. Very nice! I love the fabrics, the stars quilted in there look great and as always, Joanne's pattern is perfect. You have a beautiful quilt and it is ready for the celebration!

  2. Your quilt turned out so well Sandy! I love your fabric choices. Nice job with the photo shoot too. Did Lulu get extra treats for her trouble? :) And thank you so much for the mention and all your encouragement for my pattern writing ventures!

  3. Your quilt is gorgeous! Your quilting looks perfect to me. Both you and Joanne should be very proud of this project. Hope both of you have a Happy 150th Canadian Birthday Party Saturday! ---"Love"

  4. Happy Canada Day, Sandy! What well chosen fabrics for your quilt and the symbolism is so appropriate. Thank you too, to Lulu, for being such a perfect model. ITA with CanuckQuilter, treats were in order for her "work".

  5. Hi Sandy, love your quilt! Congrats on the finish. Hope you had a great Canada Day.

  6. Thanks so much Sandy for linking your post on the Celebrate - FĂȘtons 150 link up!